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Inheritance Law - Abogados en Ronda
Bufete de Abogados en Ronda. Especializados en Derecho Penal y Derecho Inmobiliario. Calle Molino, 11 de Ronda (Málaga). Tfno. 95 287 42 37 – info@orozcoyasociados
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Inheritance Law

Law of Successions

The inheritance law involves both an obvious mastery of the Civil Code as a thorough understanding of the tax legislation of Andalusia, which we get through collaboration with different Tax Offices from Malaga and Seville. A knowledge that must also extend to private international law based on the geographical location of the properties included in the estate.
Offer advice about successions with the tax regulations, provide solutions when there is disagreement among the heirs, facilitate inheritance in family businesses or simply provide support for making grants, desheredaciones or for mere settlement of inheritance or payment of inheritance tax, is the usual work in our office.


  • Testament.
  • Declaration of heirs.

  • Partitions and judicial division of inheritances.
  • Testamentary judgments.

  • Inheritance tax.
  • Donations.