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Criminal Law - Abogados en Ronda
Bufete de Abogados en Ronda. Especializados en Derecho Penal y Derecho Inmobiliario. Calle Molino, 11 de Ronda (Málaga). Tfno. 95 287 42 37 – info@orozcoyasociados
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Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Of all the areas of law, we think that the most delicate the Criminal Law. In this matter, the heritage or other civil rights of our customers are not at risk, also at risk fundamental rights as personal as the honor, dignity or even freedom.
For this reason, the cases handled by our firm deserve special consideration. We study each case thoroughly and we prepare the defense or prosecution with special attention.
Given a matter of a criminal nature, we ask our customers to contact us as soon as possible, even on our cell phone (whatever the day and time) due to the significance that could have any statement detained, investigated accused or accuser.


  • Assistance Detainee.
  • Fast Trials.
  • Abbreviated procedures.
  • Prosecution: accusations and complaints.
  • Theft and larceny.
  • Fights.
  • Insults and threats.
  • Abuse in the family.

  • Sexual assault.
  • Traffic accidents and alcohol.
  • Failure to provide relief.
  • Crimes committed by minors.
  • Breaking and entering.
  • Assistance Police Court.
  • Requests third grade prison.
  • Murders and homicides.
  • Corporate crime.
  • Forgery.

  • Fraud and misappropriations.
  • Crimes against honor.
  • Crimes against the person.
  • Crimes against property.
  • Crimes against public health (drugs).